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Hafez Persian Menu

Halal Persian culture revolves around hospitality and sharing food with family and friends. The Persian diet is inherently healthy and developed from a belief that all foods have natural properties that prevent illness and strengthen the body and mind.

Our menu includes a wide selection of vegetarian options, which are always prepared separately.

The brilliant Hafez Restaurant in West London. I have been coming here since I was a child and the service is always superb, the food wonderful and the decor witty and quirky. A real taste of Iran from thousands of miles away.

Sherin Aminossehe, Architect, Artist and Photographer

Hafez Starters

Persian starters are made for sharing and consist of a selection of delicious cold and warm dips with a platter of fresh mixed herbs, radishes, spring onions and feta-style cheese; delicious eaten with lavash bread straight from the oven.

Sauce Dishes

Khoresht (sauce) dishes are slow-cooked so that the flavours of the vegetables, fruit, fresh herbs, nuts (and meat) meld together and intensify subtly into a flavoursome and aromatic sauce. Traditionally khoresht were developed as sauces to accompany rice and both our vegetarian and meat based sauces are served with a choice of fluffy, steamed saffron rice, potato fries, bread or mixed salad.

Hafez Kababs

Our kababs are cooked the traditional way over hot charcoal, suspended on flat, steel skewers that conduct the heat evenly. The radiant heat ensures the result is succulent, tender, aromatic meat.

Choose from the Hafez speciality of succulent, tender lamb chops, lamb fillet, ground lamb, delicate poussin or chicken breast marinated with saffron, olive oil and lemon.


Rice is the focal point of Persian cuisine. Hafez restaurant utilizes the traditional Persian method of cooking rice that is unique in Middle Eastern cuisine and results in separate grains of rice that are fragrant, light and fluffy.

Speciality rice may be cooked with saffron or blends of herbs, fruit and nuts. Zeresht, a sweet and sour ‘relish’ made with saffron, wild barberries, pistachios and almonds is a delicious compliment to our steamed rice.


We serve warm, freshly baked Persian Lavash bread, a thin flatbread which is made on the premises daily. Traditionally, this type of bread is torn or cut into quarters and used as cutlery to scoop up the dips served as starters and also to wrap around cheese and herbs or kababs.

Allergen Information

We bake our own bread on the premises and use nuts in many of our dishes. We have put together a list of allergenic ingredients contained in our menu items – please click the link below to view our allergen information.

Drinks & Wine

Choose from our range of speciality Persian teas, traditional and contemporary cold drinks and wine.

The non-alcoholic ‘sharbat’ or ‘sherbet’ drinks originated centuries ago in Persia. Made from infusions of fruit, flower essences and herbs, they are aromatic and deliciously refreshing.

Our comprehensive selection of white, red and rose wines are carefully chosen carefully to complement our dishes.

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Opening Hours

MON - SUN  12 noon - 11pm

Open for takeaways every day



Inside seating: 70 people
Pavement  seating: 10-12 people
10% cover charge for groups of 10+

Contact & Directions


5 Hereford Road, London W2 4AB

0207 221 3167  &  0207 229 9398


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